Sunday, 12 September 2010


boring holiday.
or should i say, hell a day.
Ive spent all two-weeks in front of the laptop, and there is one more weeks to go. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

 actually, the things I-should-do is you-know-what. study, and also doing homework. but i am not kinda of student like that, lol. im the opposite. well, that's the truth.

so, these few days i am busy looking at a lot of kool furniture that I've never seen in my entire life. so, lets join me and lets be amazed together.

 Im crazy about you! like this one!

Im going to be a hamster. no i wont !

 it does coloring my life ! or, coloring my bowl?

how could i sleep?

looks like alien's !

wow, they do love fire.

Golf time !

inspired by motorcycle, lol.

 everyone wants dinner.

once again, is this sit-able?

 great uniform, lol.

hard like a bricks.

 wow, i want this pool!

lol, great design.

kool !

WOW. a we so me

home sweet home, rite fish?

puzzle sofa. great idea.

i heart this !!

 im not gonna sit there. no way !

oooh. poor family.

sleep tight, mama.

shiny lamp. silau meen.

music is our life, yeah !

long neck?

what? outlet wall? $2 per hour. lol.

love means a lot!

 gosh. this is the greatest!

 wow, cinderella?!

i tought the maker has a complicated life.

doormat at the pool.

 unique and also freak :p

 W O W

I'm still not the fan of study

wow, scary huh ?!

Nice furniture, isn it? i want'em all!!
but my favorite is the 'seat looks like car with lot functions.'
under the zombie's plate.
NICE ! i want you!

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